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foreigncloud said: so I can open myself up to things I never expected, in life and more specifically in channeling. I don't feel like I'm making a ton of progress with channeling, but I'm trying to take it easy and let things come in their own time. If you have any advice about how I can get better at channeling my guide, or what my life should be focused on, I'd be very grateful. And thanks again for your reading, I will definitely embrace open positivity and compassion. :) <3

You are very welcome.  I do suggest meditating to become more grounded with yourself and your guides. Focus on you. This path is entirely about you and your connection with self. Self vs. Self.  Speak to your guides on a daily basis, ask them to show you signs. You might not get answers right away but as they say, practice makes perfect. Do this for a few weeks and let me know how it goes for you. Much love xox

“Your soul is what determines your passion, your passion is what consumes your mind, and your mind is what controls your body.”

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I love you. #mind #body #spirit #love #knowledge #awareness #awakened ☺️🙏
Life of an empath. #blessing #curse #iamwhoiam #mind #body #spirit #energy #thepath
Love yourself. #love #mind #body #spirit

“The enemy is a very good teacher.”

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I&#8217;m not sure if she wanted the star but she stood very still as I was applying. #thatsmydog #starsticker #thirdeye #chakra #indigo #zen #layla #iloveher #namaste 🙏
Patrick finds inner peace.

“The living cell is the most complex system of its size known to mankind. Its host of specialized molecules, many found nowhere else but within living material, are themselves already enormously complex. They execute a dance of exquisite fidelity, orchestrated with breathtaking precision. Vastly more elaborate than the most complicated ballet, the dance of life encompasses countless molecular performers in synergetic coordination. Yet this is a dance with no sign of a choreographer. No intelligent supervisor, no mystic force, no conscious controlling agency swings the molecules into place at the right time, chooses the appropriate players, closes the links, uncouples the partners, moves them on. The dance of life is spontaneous, self-sustaining, and self-creating.”

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